About Nex Energy Systems

Nex Energy Systems Asia  (NESA), incorporated in Hong Kong SAR, is a renewable energy company holding the Asia Intellectual Property and Developer Rights for the Nex Energy Systems and their related renewable energy technologies for the generation of the following Renewable Energy Types:

  • Electricity / Clean Heat & Power (CHP)
  • Renewable Aviation Jet A-1 Fuel, Land and Marine Transportation Fuels (with zero  sulphur content) and Naphtha
  • Hydrogen

In addition, when processing all forms of agri-waste to obtain the mentioned energy and fuels, Biochar is also produced as a by-product in a commercial scale. Biochar is essentially renowned for the remediation of soil, increasing agricultural productivity, and provide protection against some foliar and soil-borne diseases. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Biochar)

The Nex Energy Systems are unique; the only ones of their kind in the world today to hold such advance technologies for gasification and refinement that are able to use any type of organic or fossil fuel based feedstock, including and not limited to:

  • municipal solid waste (MSW), including consumer plastics;
  • food waste (FW);
  • sewage sludge;
  • industrial plastics waste (IPW);
  • agricultural waste;
  • animal waste;
  • medical waste and industrial chemical waste

NES Technologies

NESA has secured exclusive rights for the Intellectual Property ownership and the exclusive sales and marketing rights of a commercially proven German the Gasification Thermolyzation Technology and Systems. In addition, for the conversion of syn-gas into renewable fuels, NESA has also secured strategic alliances with proven and proprietary Fischer-Tropsch Systems.

The NexEnergy Systems (NES) Plants are commercially scalable, processing feedstock quantities ranging from 40 Tons Per Day (TPD), 80 TPD to 160 TPD, by using multiple module combinations to meet input or output capacity requirements.

NES Strategic Alliances

Global Engineering Procurement and Construction (EPC) Partner

NESA has a preferred and strategic partner to act as the EPC for the equipment procurement and construction of each NES Plant and project. The EPC partner is a world-class engineering firm with extensive experience in the designing, procuring and constructing energy production facilities. The EPC partner will also build the Fischer-Tropsch (FT) system and integrate it with the German Gasification Thermolyzation system. Full Performance and Technology guarantees (“Wraps”) will be provided by the EPC partner.

Global Insurance Partners

NESA has selected two Leading Global Providers of Risk Insurance; Reinsurance; and Other Services. The Global Insurance Partners will provide Full EPC Insurance and Performance Insurance available with each system and a Comprehensive array of optional risk coverage.

For NESA, our Global Insurance Partners pool unique expert resources and know-how from the area of renewable energies. Their respective Green Tech Solutions offers developers, investors and lenders of the NES Plant insurance solutions to manage risks, cover unexpected repair costs and protect the financial viability of the NES Plant and project. With the NES Plant Performance Insurance, NESA will provide better investment protection and consistent revenue stream support for NES Plant owners. Together with NESA, our Global Insurance Partners develop customized risk solutions to fulfil all individual needs and ensure a perfectly fitting insurance structure.

With NESA’s Global Insurance Partners’ innovative covers, they protect the balance sheet and balance cash flows for NES Plants and projects, benefitting all shareholders. Their solutions provide liquidity for debt service in case of production shortfalls and thereby protect the investment.

The Insurance offerings:

  • NES Plant Performance Insurance
  • Output Cover
  • Repair Cover

5 Reasons for working with our Global Insurance Partners:

  1. Attract Investors and Lenders for our NES Plant projects;
  2. Protect our Investment in NES Plant;
  3. Stabilize our NES Plant Revenue Streams;
  4. Protect NESA’s and our NES Plants’ Balance Sheets; and
  5. Benefit from their innovative Bioenergy Insurance.

Renewable Fuel Off-Take Partners

Each NES Plant will carry long term secured Off-Take agreements with two strategic fuel off-take partners:

  • a global $27billion US company, to purchase and distribute all of its renewable fuel from each NES Plants. This Partner is on the Fortune 500* list. They provide energy, logistics, and technology solutions to aviation, marine, and land customers and suppliers around the world. With their global team of local professionals, they deliver innovative products and services at more than 8,000 global locations;
  • In addition, NESA has a similar understanding with European global fuel distributor to become a strategic plant developer and off-taker for as many as NES Plants that NESA can build globally. This Partner is in the business of combating climate change and driving circular economy. They help transport and cities, as well as customers in the aviation, polymers and chemicals sectors make their business more sustainable. Its aim is to become a global leader in renewable and circular solutions. They are also committed to supporting our customers to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions by at least 20 million tons every year by 2030.

Biochar Technology Partner

NESA has a strategic alliance with the leading market innovator in the biochar industry that has developed proprietary technology to produce High Performance Biochar.

Biochar is a nearly pure carbon, all-natural, and naturally-occurring material that is produced by heating (wood) biomass just above its kindling temperature in an oxygen reduced environment, removing all the volatile organic compounds, producing a stable, low ash content, and extremely porous compound with numerous high-value applications.

For Agriculture:

  • Biochar reduces plant mortality by improving moisture dynamics, creating a buffering effect that protects fragile root structures in drought conditions.
  • When combined with organic matter and mineralization, biochar improves plant-microbe synergy and restores depleted soils.
  • Biochar improves nutrient retention by capturing and storing organic matter and other plant nutrients, releasing them slowly, while binding metals, in-organic contaminants, and toxins.
  • Biochar reduces compaction and remains in the soil for generations, providing a long-term solution to underperforming soils.

For Environmental Remediation:

  • Biochar is effective in adsorbing and sequestering heavy metals and trace elements such as: arsenic, cadmium, chromium, copper, zinc, lead, mercury and nickel.
  • Biochar is effective in adsorbing and sequestering organic compounds such as phosphates and nitrates in runoff from dairy farms and other livestock industries.
  • Once ‘charged’ with compost or compost tea full of helpful microbes, biochar can be field applied, improving soil productivity while degrading the organic and inorganic compounds, bringing damaged soils ‘back-to-life’.
  • Biochar reduces odor by adsorbing organic compounds, such as volatile fatty acids in animal manure, and reducing methane and airborne compounds associated with feed-lots, land-fills, and other down-wind sources

For Carbon Sequestration

  • When a ton of biochar is produced and used in a soils application, it permanently sequesters 3 tons of CO2
  • There is a rapid acceleration of renewable energy sources that will ultimately slow the build-up of CO2 in the atmosphere, but not in -time to repair the damage that has already been done
  • Most climate scientists believe new strategies for sequestering carbon must be developed to avoid catastrophic consequences from climate change
  • Biochar is broadly viewed by climate scientists as one of the few viable approaches to carbon sequestration, having the benefit if no downstream impacts, and large scale deployment will be driven by the marketplace.
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